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X Marks the Spot

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Let's map it out...

Welcome to X Marks the Spot, your one stop shop for all things a world traveler wants to know.  My name is Brian Marks, a 40-something bachelor who is an insurance broker by day, a sports lover, adventure seeker, bourbon snob, 8-time Uncle of the Year, a wannabe gym rat, semi-professional horse handicapper....and above all a travel dreamer in all times in between.  I started my never-ending journey of travel nearly 7 years ago, and like most travelers, as I started checking things off my bucket list it just continued to grow in length.  


By creating 'X Marks the Spot' I hope to help fellow wanderlusters learn the tricks of traveling this beautiful World, as I continue to learn myself.    I want to help adventure seekers plan out the trip(s) of their dreams; and share stories, itineraries, ideas, photos, and passions.   As with any new journey, I'm not sure where this road may take us. I am certain it will be filled with excitement, fun, and adventure; with a beautiful view.  Let’s embark on a journey to find your buried treasure, with several stops along the way.  Wheels up....


"Happiness is not a location, its a destination"


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